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Who are you and where are you located?

Our offices are located near Chandigarh, in a satellite town called Zirakpur, 15-20 minutes from Chandigarh.

Yourstory covered us sometime back as one of the top startups in the Chandigarh region:

Click here to check it out. You can also find our Linkedin page here: Click here to check it out.

Is this a scam?

You should definitely be worried about online scams and that is why,we will NEVER ask you to pay any money to

us or anyone else. Just go through our recruitment process, you will never, ever be asked to pay money.You

have very little to loose in trying this out. And if it works, you’ll get a good pay, a career (if you don’t already have

one) AND we’ll get a great team member!

Why are you offering work from home jobs?

We’re looking for good, talented people and we realise that India is a vast country and amazing people can be

anywhere. We wish to utilise this hidden potential of the Indian job market. If you perform well,whether you have

past experience or not, we will help you build a career.

What is the recruitment process like?

Our recruitment process isn’t the easiest because we want to ensure we’re hiring the right people. But, most

good people are able to perform well. Just sign up on form below and you’ll get all the details on the process.

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